Locals may have escaped sanitary fence

Local in Câmara de Lobos may have left before “sanitary seige”

Locals may have escaped sanitary fence 1The Diario reports that the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection said he was not aware of some people residing in Câmara de Lobos leaving the parish even before the installation of the sanitary fence. However, he admits that this may have happened.

Speaking at the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE daily press conference, Pedro Ramos said it was “natural” that this could have happened, given that the announcement by the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, happened at 7:00 pm on Saturday and the sanitary fence only implemented at midnight, five hours later.

“Naturally, some people may have left if they had an alternative residence on the island”, said the minister, stressing, however, that from now on “no one can leave Câmara de Lobos and those who they can enter are those that are essential for the continuity of life in the parish”.

Access clarified

JM reports that the government has also clarified their first resolution decreeing the sanitary fence, published on Saturday, which indicated that it would be possible for the next two weeks for residents of the parish to go out to work located in another parish in the municipality or in any other municipality on the island. The clarification, in fact, determines that the government has banned travel between the parish of Câmara de Lobos and neighbouring parishes

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