COVID-19: no more cases Sunday

No new cases for 2nd day

no new cases reported on SundayThe Regional Secretary of Health, Pedro Ramos, and the vice president of IASaúde, Bruna Gouveia, are presenting, this Sunday, April 26, the usual update of the epidemiological bulletin for COVID-19, in Madeira. For the second day running there are no new cases.

It was also announced that all infected cases in Porto Santo have been declared clear.

There are 16 suspected cases awaiting the laboratory results of the tests carried out at the moment, 13 of which are residents of Câmara de Lobos. The transmission chain identified in Câmara de Lobos already has 222 contacts, 209 with tests already known, including the first 31 positives. 178 had negative tests.

Of the 52 active instances of infection by Covid-19, 51 remain in good health and only one is in the inpatient unit dedicated to COVID-19 at Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça. This patient needs other care due to other pathologies unrelated to the new coronavirus.

Regarding the figures, the Region has registered 882 suspected cases so far, with 23 more excluded since yesterday, totalling 781 negative cases. There are 33 patients in confinement at designated hotels and 18 remain at home. There are also the 16 suspected cases awaiting laboratory results reported above.

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  1. I am confused. If 882 less 781 is 101,, and if one adds 33+18+16 to make 67, there is a difference of 34 between the two results which I cannot account for. Can someone help me with this?


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