Air quality radically improved

Carbon dioxide levels at 80% of last year

JM headlining the improvement in air qualityThe headline of today’s edition of JM states that, since the entry into force of the containment measures, the air quality in Madeira, which was already good, has undergone radical improvements. Compared to the same period last year, the reduction in carbon dioxide levels reaches about 80%. Regional Environment Secretary Susana Prada asks that this period be extended in time in order that the air quality improves further.

Also in today’s issue, they confirm that the young man from Santa Cruz who became the 49th person to test positive for COVID-19 in the Region, only did so on the 21st day.


3 thoughts on “Air quality radically improved”

  1. Carbon dioxide is absolutely essential for life. The more the better because plants produce more crop.

    And let’s face it. Because of the China virus pandemic, the global warming panic is canceled. We can’t afford it anymore.

  2. The climate crisis has suddenly evaporated. The irony is that bi-products of the coronavirus crisis are having a positive effect on climate change.

  3. Interesting new weather phenomenon here in Caniço centro. Shortly after the island came to a halt, the area started to get covered by a low cloud or fog (depending on your altitude) almost daily. Never seen that happen so consistently in all those years that I live here.


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