7,000 workers laid-off in Madeira

533 companies layoff 7,000 workers

7,000 workers laid-off in Madeira 1The Diario reports that 533 companies have already laid-off a total about 7,000 workers, as the Regional President, Miguel Albuquerque, announced yesterday at a press conference that took place at Quinta Vigia, his official residence. Therefore, it intends to set up “the mechanisms for the recovery take place in a fast and efficient way”. These will be presented at the meeting of the Madeiran government tomorrow.

As for the future, the president of the Regional Government says that it is too early to define scenarios, but he leaves some figures: “The estimate will depend a lot on the pandemic evolution. We have accounts that are easy to make. If we look at the GDP of the Region, we in a situation of paralysis the Region loses about €430 million euros per month”, he underlined – more than four times greater than JM “guessed” yesterday.

“It is a scenario that will completely change our expectations regarding economic growth and employment,” added the President of the Regional Government. “We have to count on the help of the Portuguese State and after the European Union, because we have a job after this which is the recovery of the economy”..

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