4th arrest in Câmara de Lobos

38-year-old man arrested for disobedience

Câmara de Lobos, where a 4th arrest was made over the weekendThe PSP (Security Police) announced over the weekend that they had made another arrest of a male citizen in the parish of Câmara de Lobos, for the crime of disobedience. The detention occurred as a result of repeated failure to comply with the obligation to stay at home after being notified by the police authority to do so. There are now four detainees in the parish where the sanitary fence is in force.

The PSP continues to appeal to the sense of responsibility and citizenship of all residents in the parish of Câmara de Lobos, advising them to comply voluntarily and for the sake of the health of the entire community, with the public health standards imposed by the sanitary fence in that Parish. They reiterated the information that the transposition, either by foot or by vehicle, of the limits of the sanitary fence, corresponds to the practice of a crime of disobedience aggravated under the terms of Portuguese Law.

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