TAP rip-off

Lisbon to New York cheaper than Madeira

TAP rip-off 1The Diario leads today with a story that seems to appear two or three times every year: This Easter, travelling to Madeira costs as much as €565 on TAP – with the national flag-carrier it is cheaper to travel between Lisbon and New York than Lisbon-Madeira. The newspaper also observes that the crisis caused by Covid-19 appears to have had no impact on the price of airfares to and from the Region.

The front page of JM yesterday had a not dissimilar criticism of TAP, reporting that “Madeiran sport is outraged by TAP’s intention to increase the sports tariff – the company warned travel agencies of a 10% increase from 1 July, a “regrettable” increase, for sporting associations and clubs.

The big photo on the cover illustrates the presence in Funchal of Cristiano Ronaldo, who took advantage of the sunny Tuesday to show his family roots. The player took advantage of the spring weather and visited the Botanical Garden. His return to Italy is yet to be determined.

The newspaper also details just a few events that have been cancelled in Madeira due to the threat of the coronavirus, and comments that contingency plans for coronavirus are still at the first point in the Region, but institutions and companies are preparing for the next phase; the Regional Government meets today to adopt new measures.

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  1. This is what happens when the Madeira Regional Government fails in its duty to its citizens – it simply does not care that we are continually being ripped off by both TAP and Easyjet on the Madeira – Lisbon Route


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