Danish couple ignore quarantine …

… and travel on holiday to Madeira

Danish couple ignore quarantine ... 1According to Expresso News, a Danish couple have disregarded their recommended quarantine period and travelled on vacation to Madeira.

The two tourists decided to go on vacation despite the instructions to remain in social isolation for 14 days after their son was admitted to Covid-19 in Copenhagen. The couple decided to break the quarantine after a week to spend a few days in Madeira, where they arrived this Sunday.

What they did not know is that the public health authorities in Denmark were in contact with the Portuguese authorities. The Directorate-General for Health received the information and passed it on to Madeira. The result is that, for the moment, the two tourists are isolated in a hotel room in Funchal.

According to the statement issued by the health authorities on the island,  IASAUDE, the hotel is aware of the situation. So far the two tourists have not tried to venture out. It is known that they are well, have no symptoms, despite having had contact with a patient infected with the coronavirus.

Later JM reported that IASAÚDE is “accompanying and monitoring a Danish couple who are confined to the hotel room, at least until March 15th”.

Despite being outside the hospital environment, these two people are being closely monitored and, for now, they are out of suspicious cases, as they do not have symptoms. However, a source from the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection says that the Danes are considered as cases of “high risk, due to having been in contact with an infected person”.

According to the same source, the couple are quarantined after breaching the entire European contingency system but “welcomed the isolation”.

5 thoughts on “Danish couple ignore quarantine …”

  1. Why do we not find out which hotel ? Surely fellow guests or potential guests deserve to know. Is there a law that will hit these irresponsible selfish morons?

  2. If they happen to be infected, then they put everyone along their path in danger: home->airport->denmark->madeira->airport->hotel
    How many people must now be in voluntary quarantine? How many lives did they just destroyed?


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