Cruise ships banned

Cruise ships will not be allowed to dock from tomorrow

Cruise ships banned 1Both the Diario and FN report that the Regional Government will take more restrictive measures to contain what is now officially termed the coronavirus “pandemic” with immediate effect, starting tomorrow. By the end of the month, 21 ships were scheduled for the capital of Madeira – in the next few days, the MeinShciff Herz, Marella Celebration and Hamburg stopovers were scheduled.

After appearing quite “laid back” in the coronavirus, the Regional Government have moved out of the blue to enact a ban on cruise ships docking and increase control measures at the airport.

The Regional Government explains that the Port of Funchal will not receive visiting cruise ships to avoid quarantine situations that have already occurred in other places.

In addition, what is termed “control measures” will also be adopted at the airport on arrival.

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    • Will it? I often wonder. So many pax disembark straight onto coaches, travel around the island with a stop-off in a town for lunch then back to the ship. With only a percentage of pax just going ashore and spending the day in town.

  1. Hello, I live in the Czech Republic, 25.3. with my friend a flight to Madeira, Funchal. How real is that I can realize this dream experience?
    Thank you for answer.

    • It’s a day by day changing situation, so it’s very difficult to predict how things will be 13 days from now. Just stay updated through websites like this one.

  2. Another blow for travellers is travel insurance. LV- Liverpool Victoria ate stopping travel insurance I can see more companies suspending new policies.

    • I am inclined to agree with you Stefania as the screening at the airport could be implemented at the port for cruise ships with obviously less than 10,000 passengers per day but I think this is more about preventing the possibility of a “Diamond Princess” scenario with as many as 6000 passengers detained in Funchal on a cruise ship with maybe a confirmed Covid 19 case on board putting immense pressure on the Island’s health services.

      I’ve read elsewhere though yet to be confirmed, that Spain, including the Canaries, have just taken similar measures and Morocco has suspended air and sea passenger links to Spain

  3. Linda,
    You need to check day by day – I think 6 April could be ok.

    Maurice, I watch people leaving the liners and they regularly stop for a coffee and then go the market. The expensive shoe shop on Avenida Arriaga is also full of cruise visitors when in dock – maybe you don’t visit this shop!? Sometimes best to “window shop”!


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