Police urged to be firm

New measures to be strictly enforced

Police urged to be firm 1This post was written before the one about the Police using a megaphone in Câmara de Lobos to break up a gathering that was … Read more

COVID-19: Latest figures

Latest Epidemiological Situation Report in the Region

COVID-19 virues - latest figures publishedJM report that the health authority IASAÚDE has published the Epidemiological Situation Report in the Region, which includes all the information available on … Read more

COVID-19: Crime falls

Robberies down 52%

COVID-19: Crime falls 9JM reports that the regional command of the Public Security Police (PSP) has guaranteed that there was no increase in robberies at any establishments at this time Read more

easyJet grounds entire fleet

… for at least two months

easyJet grounds entire fleet 11The Guardian, among others,  reports this morning that easyJet has grounded its entire fleet of aircraft for a minimum of two months in response … Read more

All economic activities to cease

President announces all non-essential activities will stop

Albuquerque with flagsThe Diario is reporting online from the President’s scheduled press conference tonight: The Regional Government has decided that as of 00:00 on March … Read more

Visitor quota exceeded

120 arrivals per week limit not working

Visitor quota exceeded 17The Diario reports that this weekend alone, the limit of 120 passengers to disembark per week determined by the Regional Government has already … Read more

COVID-19: 34 cases, up 10

President poised to announce more stringent measures?

President set to announce more measures after COVID-19 cases increaseWebsite FN reports that Madeira now has 34 positive cases of COVID-19, according to figures provided yesterday at the usual daily press conference … Read more

Stay at home …

… for the love of God!

Woman asked to go home by the police

The main photo on the front page of the Diario illustrates a policeman with his hands raised to heaven, asking a lady to go … Read more

Blog moves to a new level

Upgrade finally engineered!

Screensnap of blog stats showing 128 visitors onlineRegular readers will have become frustrated over the last year that little more than 30 of you can access the blog at the same time. After that, … Read more

Book predicted coronavirus

Dean Koontz wrote about Wuhan virus in 1981

Book predicted coronavirus 21The coincidences between a book released in 1981 and the epidemic of the new coronavirus that has already killed thousands of people … Read more

Tourists continue to arrive!

60 persons – half of the new weekly quota – land this morning

Madeira Airport, which strangely saw some tourists arrive todayThe Diario online reports that half of the quota imposed by the Regional Government – the number … Read more

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