Police urged to be firm

New measures to be strictly enforced

This post was written before the one about the Police using a megaphone in Câmara de Lobos to break up a gathering that was deemed to be too large.

Counsellor Ireneu Cabral Barreto, the representative of the Republic of Portugal in Madeira, has asked the Public Security Police (PSP) “to, if ............  ...read more

2nd confirmed case in Porto Santo

Congress Centre in Porto Santo

COVID-19: Hotel is the origin of two cases in Porto Santo

The second case of COVID-19 infection in Porto Santo has been confirmed. The information was advanced, earlier this afternoon, by the director of the island’s health centre, Rogério Correia, speaking to Rádio Praia.

The doctor asked the inhabitants to maintain social isolation but to “take ............  ...read more

Police disperse crowd in Câmara de Lobos

Gathering deemed to contravene rules

JM report that the Security Police (PSP) used a megaphone in Câmara de Lobos to reinforce the order that no crowds are allowed during the state of emergency.

A group of around ten people gathered at Câmara de Lobos pier this morning, breaking the rules in force. The PSP, choosing to intervene, ............  ...read more

COVID-19: Latest figures

COVID-19 virues - latest figures published

Latest Epidemiological Situation Report in the Region

JM report that the health authority IASAÚDE has published the Epidemiological Situation Report in the Region, which includes all the information available on the COVID-19 pandemic. The figures were announced yesterday and reflect the situation as of March 29, 2020. The latest map showing the ............  ...read more

COVID-19: Firefighters return to work

Bombeiros complete quarantine

JM reports that the operatives that were involved in the rescue and transport to the hospital of the first victim of Covid-19 in Madeira were not affected by the disease.

Operatives of Funchal’s Sapadores Firefighters return to service on Wednesday, after the mandatory quarantine period. ............  ...read more

COVID-19: Crime falls

Robberies down 52%

JM reports that the regional command of the Public Security Police (PSP) has guaranteed that there was no increase in robberies at any establishments at this time of social isolation and reveals that there was even a decrease in criminality against property.

Fake news

In a press statement, PSP says ............  ...read more

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