Police urged to be firm

New measures to be strictly enforced

This post was written before the one about the Police using a megaphone in Câmara de Lobos to break up a gathering that was deemed to be too large.

Counsellor Ireneu Cabral Barreto, the representative of the Republic of Portugal in Madeira, has asked the Public Security Police (PSP) “to, if ............  ...read more

2nd confirmed case in Porto Santo

Congress Centre in Porto Santo

COVID-19: Hotel is the origin of two cases in Porto Santo

The second case of COVID-19 infection in Porto Santo has been confirmed. The information was advanced, earlier this afternoon, by the director of the island’s health centre, Rogério Correia, speaking to Rádio Praia.

The doctor asked the inhabitants to maintain social isolation but to “take ............  ...read more

Police disperse crowd in Câmara de Lobos

Gathering deemed to contravene rules

JM report that the Security Police (PSP) used a megaphone in Câmara de Lobos to reinforce the order that no crowds are allowed during the state of emergency.

A group of around ten people gathered at Câmara de Lobos pier this morning, breaking the rules in force. The PSP, choosing to intervene, ............  ...read more

COVID-19: Latest figures

COVID-19 virues - latest figures published

Latest Epidemiological Situation Report in the Region

JM report that the health authority IASAÚDE has published the Epidemiological Situation Report in the Region, which includes all the information available on the COVID-19 pandemic. The figures were announced yesterday and reflect the situation as of March 29, 2020. The latest map showing the ............  ...read more

COVID-19: Firefighters return to work

Bombeiros complete quarantine

JM reports that the operatives that were involved in the rescue and transport to the hospital of the first victim of Covid-19 in Madeira were not affected by the disease.

Operatives of Funchal’s Sapadores Firefighters return to service on Wednesday, after the mandatory quarantine period. ............  ...read more

COVID-19: Crime falls

Robberies down 52%

JM reports that the regional command of the Public Security Police (PSP) has guaranteed that there was no increase in robberies at any establishments at this time of social isolation and reveals that there was even a decrease in criminality against property.

Fake news

In a press statement, PSP says ............  ...read more

easyJet grounds entire fleet

… for at least two months

The Guardian, among others,  reports this morning that easyJet has grounded its entire fleet of aircraft for a minimum of two months in response to the complete evaporation of any demand for air travel in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The low-cost airline said it could not put a firm ............  ...read more

Porto Santo ferry will not sail today

The Porto Santo ferry

Lobo Marinho returns to action on Wednesday

The ferry “Lobo Marinho”, which ensures the maritime connection between Madeira and Porto Santo, will not make the trip this Monday, March 30, leaving only on Wednesday, April 1, because the second commander suffered this an accident on board the vessel on Saturday, fracturing the ............  ...read more

COVID-19: confusion over numbers

Regional figures inconsistent

“Confusion of numbers’ is the headline in the Diario today. The newspaper highlights that the balance that the Regional Government and IASAÚDE present daily in Madeira has raised many doubts. Not only are they not in line with those presented ............  ...read more

All economic activities to cease

Albuquerque with flags

President announces all non-essential activities will stop

The Diario is reporting online from the President’s scheduled press conference tonight: The Regional Government has decided that as of 00:00 on March 31, there will be a cessation of all non-essential economic activities for 14 days. These activities include public works. The announcement ............  ...read more

Visitor quota exceeded

120 arrivals per week limit not working

The Diario reports that this weekend alone, the limit of 120 passengers to disembark per week determined by the Regional Government has already been easily exceeded.

The only flight landing in Madeira this Sunday, an easyJet A320 from London, landed at Madeira Airport with 83 passengers on board, ............  ...read more

Funchal stays at home!

Drone footage of a quiet Funchal

Message finally getting through – drone footage

JM reports that Nuno Aniceto Silva’s drone captured aerial images of the city of Funchal late on Saturday afternoon, showing how the local population are now fulfilling the authorities’ calls to stay home and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the region.

“Today [yesterday] ............  ...read more

Three more hotels requisitioned …

Hotel in Funchal with police car passing

… for quarantine purposes

The Diario website has just reported that the Regional Government have decided to request three more hotels to quarantine passengers arriving on the island and who do not have a “sanitary justification” for doing so.

The newspaper has had access to a document from Quinta ............  ...read more

COVID-19: 34 cases, up 10

President set to announce more measures after COVID-19 cases increase

President poised to announce more stringent measures?

Website FN reports that Madeira now has 34 positive cases of COVID-19, according to figures provided yesterday at the usual daily press conference – an increase of 10 cases over the day before. This is rather alarming, as it represents an increase of more than a third! Hopefully, the growth ............  ...read more

Police block Praia Formosa

Police blocking car access to Praia Formosa

Access to the beach closed

The Public Security Police is this morning preventing road access to Praia Formosa.

Positioned at the junction below the bridge with two mobile incident vans, the highlighted elements are forcing motorists to turn back.

The inspection was set up at 9:30 this morning. Since then, no visitors have ............  ...read more

Stay at home …

Woman asked to go home by the police

… for the love of God!

The main photo on the front page of the Diario illustrates a policeman with his hands raised to heaven, asking a lady to go home: “Stay at home for the love of God” – the appeal by the Secretary of Health was made on the day that Madeira had an increase of 10 cases of COVID-19 in 24 ............  ...read more

COVID-19: Map of infections

Map of Madeira with breakdown by municipality

Breakdown by each municipality in Madeira

The Diario reports that the figures released by IASaúde indicate, in geographical and statistical terms, the evolution of the pandemic in Madeira, for each municipality providing more detail of the breakdown of the COVID-19 cases. A larger map is below.

The newspaper identifies the key points:

– ............  ...read more

Book predicted coronavirus

Dean Koontz wrote about Wuhan virus in 1981

The coincidences between a book released in 1981 and the epidemic of the new coronavirus that has already killed thousands of people have left many readers and Internet users puzzled. Authored by the American writer Dean Koontz, “The Eyes of Darkness” is a novel “with a strand ............  ...read more

Tourists continue to arrive!

Madeira Airport, which strangely saw some tourists arrive today

60 persons – half of the new weekly quota – land this morning

The Diario online reports that half of the quota imposed by the Regional Government – the number allowed to land at Madeira Airport per week – arrived today on the only flight from Lisbon.

A TAP flight that landed late this morning brought 60 passengers on board, including some foreign ............  ...read more

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