Port sets new record

Funchal receives 596,000 passengers in 2019

Port sets new record 1The Port of Funchal received a record number of tourists on board cruise ships in 2019, according to TV station RTP-Madeira.

The number amounted to more than 596,000 passengers, which resulted in revenues of approximately €1.4 million in port fees.

PTP join Ponta do Sol protest

Following up on previous posts, JM reports that the centre-left workers’ party, PTP,  have responded positively to AZIA’s call to protest against the announced installation of aquaculture cages in the sea of ​​Ponta do Sol.

PTP said yesterday that it considers it “shameful” to place aquaculture cages in Ponta Sol, due to its “visual impact”. “Above all, considering that it is a tourist area and one of the most beautiful in Madeira”. A spokesman said that the industrialization of the sea does not make sense if the Region’s main bet is tourism. “The cost-benefit of sacrificing our coast for aquaculture is not justified when we are focused on the tourist aspect”, he said.

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  1. You may have fooled me the first time Admin but you’re not getting away with “pulling the wool over my eyes” twice – especially when rubbing salt into the wounds with reports of sunshine and 24 degrees !!

    That’s not Funchal Port – Ponta Delgada in the Azores if I remember rightly !!!


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