New port strike

New port strike threatens supplies

JM reporting port strikeJM report on another stoppage at national ports. The newspaper says the strike, which runs from 9 to 30 March, promises to be a serious threat and is being taken very seriously by regional authorities.

The Regional Government again demands attention from Lisbon to avoid losses and calls for minimum services to be implemented guaranteeing supplies to the island during the course of the port strike.

Rising demand in pharmacies

Another of the issues highlighted in JM is the demand in pharmacies and the new dedicated room in the hospital due to the coronavirus. Madeira appears to be paying more attention to the spread of the virus – particularly in the light of the previous post. This, at some point in the future, could link to the first item above, as some of the first items to be affected by a port strike are pharmaceutical and medical supplies.

They report that a Madeiran citizen who returned from Italy in the last two days caused some alarm at the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal. The person in question will have followed the instructions provided, namely when calling the hospital, but without avoiding extra care at the health unit.

As they had been in Italy, a country with serious problems with the coronavirus, the procedure followed ended up functioning as a first test to the contingency plan inside the hospital. they were received at the hospital in the evening. However, instead of using the normal screening room, they were directed to another area, as JM learned late in the evening at a source close to the health authority.


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