Increased fire risk

Regional Government warns of increased fire risk

Increased fire risk in MadeiraJM report that the Regional Government reiterated today; “In view of the weather forecasts for the Autonomous Region of Madeira, there is a significant increase in the risk of forest fire, so it is necessary to exercise prudence and common sense in the use of forest space, avoiding risky behaviours that may endanger people and property that belongs to all of us”.

“Given that negligent behaviour is the main cause of fires, the Regional Secretariat for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, under current legislation, recalls that with the current weather conditions (high temperatures, strong winds and relative humidity of the air low) bonfires, burning and burning in any type of place are prohibited”, said a note sent to newsrooms in a statement issued by the Regional Environment Secretariat underlines.

Record temperatures in Funchal increase fire risk

JM report that the air temperature in Funchal had already reached 28.6 degrees celsius at 13:00 this afternoon, a value that already exceeds the Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA) forecasts for this Monday and which should remain. According to them, from this Tuesday of Carnival, the heat will continue but there will be a reduction in temperature, and the dust will occur with less intensity.

The south coast of Madeira is today under a mass of hot air, dry and accompanied by dust from the Sahara, in North Africa, which can affect the airport’s operation if visibility is less than five kilometres. According to the person in charge of the regional delegation of the IPMA in Madeira, so far the visibility remains at 5km and it is not possible to predict whether it will decrease or not over this Monday. The most critical period will be later this afternoon (as at 19:00 the airport was working normally apart from one flight delayed from Gran Canaria).

Yesterday, Sunday, the highest daily maximum temperature so far reached in February – 27.7 degrees was recorded in Funchal.

The highest values ​​that had been recorded in the past in February were in 2004 (27 degrees) and in 1949 (26.6 degrees).


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