Hot weather warning until Monday

Strong wind to die down for Carnival parade

Hot weather clip artThe Diario reports that the Portuguese Weather Institute has issued a yellow warning due to predicted hot weather, which will be in effect on the South Coast of Madeira between 1:00 pm today, Saturday, and 9:00 pm on Monday, February 24th.

The persistence of high values ​​of the maximum temperature motivates this warning. According to data provided by the Lido weather station, 22.4ºC was recorded at 11:00 am this morning in the area, making it the warmest in the region.

Until 3:00 pm today, the mountainous inland areas of Madeira will remain under yellow warning due to the strong wind, which was being felt in Funchal throughout last night and so far today. Gusts of 95km/hour have been recorded in mountainous areas, although thankfully the airport has not been affected.

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