Coronavirus: Hotel guests to be screened

Madeiran hotels to front coronavirus screening

Poster for coronavirus conferenceThe Diario reports that a questionnaire has been developed by the health authority (IASAÚDE) in the archipelago and distributed by the Regional Directorate of Tourism of Madeira. This must be completed by guests entering hotel units in Madeira, and is the first stage of screening to control the coronavirus: “It is a first screening that will give information of potential risk or not for that visitor. If they come from countries where there is active contamination, with whom they have had contact, whether or not they have symptoms”, said the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, stressing that the issues are mainly focused on the origin of the tourist and his symptoms. This form can also be filled directly on the IASAÚDE website (although as of early Saturday I couldn’t find it).

Eduardo Jesus was speaking at a clarification session, part of the contingency plan for coronavirus awareness, for professionals in the tourism sector which filled the auditorium of the Electricity Museum in Funchal (well worth a visit by the way!): “To transmit the experience that exists and everything is being done, we had to use the regional health secretariat”. Hotel, Airport, Ports representatives, tour guides, interpreters, representatives from different spheres of the tourism sector, heard the explanation from the president of IASAÚDE, before asking questions about how to act if they encounter a suspicious case or how to proceed with cleaning after having referred that potential patient.

In all cases, the first step is to provide that tourist with a mask (which hotels, AL owners, tour bus companies, among others, must purchase) and immediately call the SRS24Madeira line – 800 24 24 20 : “You are not responsible, call the line and we manage the process”, underlined Pedro Ramos, Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection who was also present at this session.

Eduardo Jesus also stressed that there must be a collective conscience to minimize the risks, which at this moment is more extensive, but also asks for common sense: that they are today and that allow us to achieve that same well-being”. The Regional Secretary for Tourism revealed that he has already received requests for “assistance” from other regions of the country on how Madeira is dealing with the existence of the virus, since it is a tourist location par excellence: “The Secretary of Health developed the plan which is also on the move and has been adapted to tourism as well ”.

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  1. Please Please follow the rules and if Coronavirus do hit Madeira. Follow the advice staff give you, not like a hotel in Spain people swim in the pool when they been told not to. Before you arrive to Madeira or any holiday, make plans if you are delayed and if on NHS medicine you have plenty. Well made plans pay off in long run.


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