Coronavirus contingency plan. Cancellations start

Madeira “is prepared” for coronavirus cases

Coronavirus contingency plan. Cancellations start 1

JM’s website reports that Madeira’s contingency plan for the Covid-19 coronavirus, according to the Health Secretary today, provides “some security” and highlights that the region is “prepared” to face positive cases, stressing that no suspicious situation has yet been detected.

“There is no case in Madeira. Now, we can say that, eventually, we may have a case,” said Pedro Ramos. “We are a land of tourism, we have people entering and leaving the airport, the ports, the marinas, and what the contingency plan foresees is a flowchart for prevention and detection”, he said, clarifying that it is a “dynamic” situation.

The Contingency Plan for the Covid-19 coronavirus in the region, which was presented to the public on February 3, establishes the rules and guidelines of health professionals and firefighters in the face of suspected cases, which, if they occur, will be referred to the Funchal Central Hospital by a special team of Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters. A new screening room, pictured, has been opened to facilitate this eventuality.

All regional entities received information from the Health Administration Institute with similar guidelines, and an emergency telephone line – 800 24 24 20 was also created.

Holiday cancellations start due to coronavirus

The blog’s main sponsor, MadeiraDirect, have confirmed that they have received the first cancellations for self-catering holidays booked in Madeira for later this year, with coronavirus being given as a specific reason for the cancellations for the first time.

These cancellations are remarkable, as customers will have had to simply cancel their flights without any refund of the air-fare element of their holiday as a result of current airline policy as reported in a previous post.

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    • I always recommend people carry two weeks worth of medication on top of of what they take for the length of their holiday. Also take a copy of your prescription which can be shown to a doctor who can then issue a Portuguese one for you to get more meds if needed. Plus, carry all your essential meds in your hand luggage.

  1. Thank you for your comment. I remember a group of people while ago staying at a hotel in Madeira, saying they did not bring enough medicine, then complaining they had to pay for their medicine. The responsibility is YOU and your health. Any holiday things can go wrong and they do.

  2. In the last year The world had high winds. Airplane companies going bust, Desert storms recently, now coronavirus in some countries. Tourists should expect delays with climate change as well. Make plans for delay’s and learn to take things in your stride. A well made plans will pay off and you be less stressed, if it happens to you. The world changing.

  3. We would like to come for an extended stay but still waiting for information on the ferry from the mainland situation! Cannot fly there because of the dog and no other way to get there with a dog 🙁


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