Concern over school link to Italian coronavirus hotspot

Madeiran school travelled to northern Italy last week

Aerial view of the Madeiran school where staff travelled to coronavirus hotspot in northern Italy last weekIt is understood that as part of an Erasmus program, two teachers and three students from the Basic and Secondary School Gonçalves Zarco in Funchal last week travelled to Italy, more precisely to La Spezia, in Liguria, in the Transalpine Region, where four cases of coronavirus have already been confirmed. Returning to Madeira, the group has now generated apprehension among those in charge of education at this establishment, located just above the football stadium in Barreiros, who brought their concern about this situation to the Diario.

According to the father of a student who is even in the same class as some of these students who travelled to Italy, some of those in charge of education at the establishment tried to contact the Executive Council, chaired by Cristina Duarte, but “so far nothing has been said” about “the state of health of these people”.  As a more drastic measure, some parents even intend to not let their children go to school until “clarifications” have been given.

The newspaper tried unsuccessfully to contact the Executive Board of the Basic and Secondary School Gonçalves Zarco.

Update: The Diario’s website this morning has reported that they have now been contacted by the President of the Executive Board of the Basic and Secondary School Gonçalves Zarco.  Ana Cristina Duarte denies that she was contacted by a parent regarding a trip to Italy of two teachers and three students from that school in Funchal, under the Erasmus program. She explained that the visit occurred two weeks ago “at a time when cases of coronavirus in that European country had not yet been reported”.

Not quite correct – the first cases of coronavirus in Italy were reported on 30th January according to CNN

4 thoughts on “Concern over school link to Italian coronavirus hotspot”

  1. Those teachers are irresponsible ignorant idiots. The virus could well have been in incubation period (2 to 14 days) & those students, teacher & everyone who has been in contact with them, must be tested immediately for the virus. Hidding their asses under the bed & not taking responsibility for their actions is not going to solve the problem. IF!!?? anyone tests positive they have every right to take Legal Action against the school.

  2. Pretty basic miscalculation for the excuse. All the staff and pupils involved should have been tested upon return. Guess a few of them will have been to Carnival – the last thing the island needs is to be in lockdown.

  3. This story does not bode well at all!! It is actually quite shocking that parents were forced to go to the press to get any kind of action or communication…


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