Chocolate Ronaldo

Chocolate Ronaldo Statue unwrapped

Chocolate Ronaldo and its creatorSky Sports report that a Portuguese chocolatier has created a life-size sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo made entirely of chocolate which is being exhibited as part of the country’s Carnival celebrations!

It was created by chocolatier Jorge Cardoso, who made the 120kg, 1.87m tall sculpture in his spare time at a factory in Givisiez, Switzerland. He spent 200 hours creating the replica of the Juventus star. The chocolate Ronaldo was inspired by the Madeiran’s involvement in the 2016 European Championships, where Portugal beat hosts France to win the competition.

As well as creating Ronaldo, Cardoso also created the Portugal kit which was worn during Euro 2016, adding small features like shin pads, Nike ticks and badges from UEFA. “After all these years of experiments, I wanted to try again and make a larger, more realistic sculpture,” Cardoso said about the sculpture, quoted by Portugal Resident.

“This sculpture was made in my own free time. It is a personal project that I really wanted to pursue. I studied everything in detail to make it look as realistic as possible. “Apart from being Portuguese, I am a fan. He is where he is thanks to his hard work, effort and dedication.”

The chocolate Ronaldo sculpture was exhibited in Givisiez in Switzerland for two weeks starting on February 5 and then taken to his hometown of Ovar, in the north of Portugal, for the town’s Carnaval celebrations.

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