Chemical castration debated

Portuguese Assembly to discuss chemical castration?

injection illustrating chemical castrationSIC Noticias report that chemical castration for paedophiles is scheduled to be discussed in Parliament today, despite the fact that all parties considered the Chega party proposal, led by deputy André Ventura, to be unconstitutional.

The bill was submitted to the Assembly of the Republic on December 6, 2019, and has been under discussion since André Ventura left the PSD to found the Chega party, which won a parliamentary seat in the October elections. The proposal, which became one of the party’s main flags, was scheduled to be discussed by deputies in Parliament on February 28, but the President of the Assembly of the Republic has reportedly decided that the project will not be debated in plenary, as it does not meet the requirements ” from a constitutional point of view”.

Diario front cover 28.2.20Locally the Diario leads with the same theme, reporting that eight prisoners are serving time for sexual abuse of dependent minors and one for child abuse in Madeira. The presiding judge of the Madeira District Judge has revealed the information on the day that the debate on chemical castration for paedophiles was due to be held in the Assembly of the Republic. The newspaper comments that in Madeira, “the method does not motivate Madeiran politicians, who are still forming an opinion on the subject”.

6 thoughts on “Chemical castration debated”

  1. If you can catch the stray animal, then why not surgically castrate it? It is a very simple operation and used at one time, to be conducted under local anaesthetic without any problems. The operation that is less simple and needs more recovery time is spaying and I am not aware of a chemical method for neutering females. You need to neuter both sexes if you are going to solve the problems of stray animals.

  2. I support. Sending pedophiles to JAIL does not solve the issue, when they get out (after serving probably half their ridiculous sentences) they usually re-offend within weeks. Catastration is the right thing to do. Unconstituitional? Oh please, this is the 21st century where 6 months old babies are being raped! Here, in the city where Live, and the monster was a child carer. Not once showed a trace of regret. What Constitution? Chemical catastration yes please. Thank you

  3. I think in the UK it is used but on a voluntary basis by the prisoner. Although accepting this treatment can be beneficial when a prisoner is putting in for parole.
    Dilia is right some like small babies.
    Worked with sex offenders this is one very complex subject.


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