Carnival deemed a success

Thousands of tourists and locals attend Carnival parade

Carnival parade on the Funchal seafrontLast night’s Madeira Carnival procession has been deemed a success by most commentators, with JM reporting that hotels reported 25,000 guests staying in hotels for the occasion – an occupancy rate of 76% according to the Diario.

The parade had the theme “Carnaval em Fantasia” and involved 13 troupes and 1,900 participants. It travelled along the avenues that make up the Funchal seafront, from the roundabout area of ​​Porto do Funchal, passing through Sá Carneiro, Avenida do Mar and Madeiran Communities, ending at Praça da Autonomia.

Carnival processionThe Regional Government of Madeira invested €480,000 in the event, which contributed, according to figures from the Tourism and Culture Secretariat, to a 76% hotel occupancy. The head of that department, Eduardo Jesus, said that about 25,000 tourists had booked conventional hotels, which does not take into account those staying in local accommodation.

The president of the Madeiran executive, Miguel Albuquerque was one of the many spectators of the procession, having considered Carnival in Madeira to be a “popular, playful and economic event” that “brings a lot of tourism to the region”. “Carnival has been very effective in promoting tourism in Madeira,” he added.

The remainder of the Carnival program can be found on a previous post.

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  1. A well deserved applause to the participants. Lots of them had a pretty hard time keeping their beautiful hats on, due to the strong winds, but they just kept going. That’s the true carnival spirit!


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