Aquaculture criticism wins Trapalhão award

Trapalhão award recognises protestors

Jaula Dourada in Trapalhão paradeThe Diario reports that group taking part in the final Carnival parade criticising of the introduction of more aquaculture ‘cages’, called ‘Golden Cage’, won “Best Theme” in the Best Trapalhão Class, with a prize of €500.

Health was the dominant theme in a procession that gathered around 800 revellers in downtown Funchal yesterday afternoon.

The president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, said that he was not bothered by the criticisms launched by the participants of the ‘Trapalhão’ procession who were parading on Avenida do Mar. This procession “has always had a tradition of satire and criticism ”, says Albuquerque, who was watching yet another highlight of the Madeira Carnival celebrations.

At a time when there is a lot of health, with the revellers, many of them, criticizing the state of health and suggesting the departure of the “Super Mario”, the governor says, as a joke, that this procession will not leave any “Recommendation” to the Government.

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  1. Yes, I get the point. It has nothing to do with British politics! It is not a place to display one’s (your?) UK party political allegiance.

    We’re these the same people as were making an exhibition of themselves with a flag in Funchal on the 31st Jan. and at the concert on the 8th?


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