AIDAnova diverts from Canaries

Funchal to host 15,000 in unexpected “turnaround” operation

AIIDAnove, which has diverted to Madeira to avoid Canaries sandstormRTP-Madeira revealed yesterday evening that the German company AIDA today plans an unscheduled turnaround operation of 1,500 passengers from the cruise ship ‘AIDAnova’. This operation should have taken place in the Canaries but was cancelled due to the Saharan sandstorm affecting the Spanish islands reported here yesterday.

As a result of this change, flights will arrive in Madeira from Germany with passengers who will board the ‘AIDAnova’. These tourists will spend the night in hotels in Funchal. In turn, a few hundred passengers will disembark from the AIDAnova in Funchal and travel to their countries of origin on flights departing from Madeira Airport.

As RTP reported, last December a similar situation occurred but in reverse. A ‘Mein Schiff Herz’ passenger transhipment operation was cancelled due to bad weather conditions at Madeira Airport and transferred to the Canaries.

Plane diverts from Tenerife to Porto Santo

Plane diverts from Tenerife to Porto SantoThe Diario yesterday reported a Thomas Cook plane diverted to Porto Santo Airport as a result of the same sandstorm. Presumably, they do not actually mean “a Thomas Cook” plane, even though it appears to have the same livery, as the company famously went out of business last year! – instead, it must be a plane associated with Condor, this being the airline survived its parent company’s insolvency.

The plane had been unable to land in Tenerife (Canary Islands) due to poor visibility.


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