African dust cloud forecast to arrive today

Saharan dust cloud forecast to arrive in Madeira this morning

Satellite photo of dust cloudFN report that the Saharan dust cloud could arrive in the region this morning – with the (Spanish) video below illustrating the possible progression, with the headline that “Madeira will not escape the African dust“.

Hot weather warning extended

JM reports that the Port of Funchal authorities yesterday cancelled the warning of bad weather at sea, but the Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA) has kept the yellow warning for high temperatures forecast in the southern part of Madeira. IPMA has placed the south coast of Madeira under yellow warning due to the forecasts of “persistence of high values ​​of maximum temperature”, in force until 21:00 tonight. The maximum temperature yesterday in Funchal was 25 degrees centigrade, with predictions that it will reach 27 high and 20 low today.

La Madeira no va a escapar del polvo africano

Posted by Jose Armas on Sunday, February 23, 2020

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6 thoughts on “African dust cloud forecast to arrive today”

  1. Learn from the old tourists, they had to put up with Smog, Fog, Rain, Snow, Winds, etc and learn to take things in their stride, it part of traveling. Well made plans for delays taking books etc and making sure you have pack up and water will help. World needs to work with climate change , it not going away.

  2. By the time it reaches Madeira it will have thinned out considerably. I checked Canary island webcams on earlier and the air there is clearing now & planes arriving.

  3. It’s so hot today. I live in a very warm house but it is warmer outside today than inside! I don’t know about anyone else but my eyes also irritated? My phone says Funchal to reach 28! Summer all year round!


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