Couple visit for 48th time

Couple first chose Madeira in 1972

Couple visit for 48th time 1JM report that yesterday, the Regional Directorate for Tourism paid tribute to William and Pamela Fletcher for their 48th visit to Madeira.

The British … Read more

Chemical castration debated

Portuguese Assembly to discuss chemical castration?

injection illustrating chemical castrationSIC Noticias report that chemical castration for paedophiles is scheduled to be discussed in Parliament today, despite the fact that all parties considered the … Read more

New port strike

New port strike threatens supplies

JM reporting port strikeJM report on another stoppage at national ports. The newspaper says the strike, which runs from 9 to 30 March, promises to be a serious … Read more

Aquaculture criticism wins Trapalhão award

Trapalhão award recognises protestors

Jaula Dourada in Trapalhão paradeThe Diario reports that group taking part in the final Carnival parade criticising of the introduction of more aquaculture ‘cages’, called ‘Golden Cage’, won “Best Theme” … Read more

Chocolate Ronaldo

Chocolate Ronaldo Statue unwrapped

Chocolate Ronaldo and its creatorSky Sports report that a Portuguese chocolatier has created a life-size sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo made entirely of chocolate which is being exhibited as part of … Read more

Carnival Tuesday cooler

Temperatures begin to fall

South coast of Madeira, where cooler temperatures are expectedIt will get cooler today, after three days of hot weather in the archipelago, particularly on the southwest coast of Madeira where maximum temperatures were recorded … Read more

Airlines to lose €30 billion …

… due to coronavirus

Airport in soth east Asia, where airlines stand to loseVarious media sources report that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts that airlines could lose almost US$30 billion in revenue worldwide due to travel restrictions … Read more

Highest ever February temperature

Record temperature in Madeira confirmed at 28.9 degrees

temperature clip artJMM report that Madeira yesterday reached the highest temperature ever in February, with the Ponta do Sol weather station recording 28.9 degrees … Read more

IMF issue coronavirus warning

The head of the IMF sounds alarm as the number of cases outside China spikes

Graphs of Cases and deaths as IMF issue warningThe Telegraph business pages report that the world’s “fragile economic recovery” could be derailed by … Read more

AIDAnova diverts from Canaries

Funchal to host 15,000 in unexpected “turnaround” operation

AIIDAnove, which has diverted to Madeira to avoid Canaries sandstormRTP-Madeira revealed yesterday evening that the German company AIDA today plans an unscheduled turnaround operation of 1,500 passengers from the cruise ship … Read more

Canaries engulfed by sandstorm

“Apocalyptic” Saharan sandstorm strands holidaymakers

Satellit photo showing sandstormThe Express among others reports on dramatic scenes yesterday evening from the Canary Islands as a sandstorm covers the popular tourist destination, leading to “apocalyptic” … Read more

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