Couple visit for 48th time

Couple first chose Madeira in 1972

JM report that yesterday, the Regional Directorate for Tourism paid tribute to William and Pamela Fletcher for their 48th visit to Madeira.

The British couple, aged 79 and 80, respectively, first chose Madeira for their holidays in 1972, always staying at the Aparthotel Imperatriz and Hotel Royal ............ more

BA and easyJet warn of coronavirus impact

BA and easyJet planes at Madeira airport

Significant drop in demand

The Guardian reports that easyJet and the owner of British Airways, IAG, have reported “significant drops in demand” because of the coronavirus outbreak and announced emergency measures, including cancelling flights and changing the size of planes used on some routes.

The virus has ............ more

Airlines fight spread of coronavirus

Airlines disinfecting planes to prevent spread of coronavirus

Little risk of catching coronavirus on a plane

Thanks to Peter for a link to MSN, reporting that airlines are upping their game in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. As it continues to affect more countries, airlines are apparently turning to super-strength disinfectants to sanitise planes before flights.

Cathay Pacific, the Hong ............ more

Coronavirus: Hotel guests to be screened

Poster for coronavirus conference

Madeiran hotels to front coronavirus screening

The Diario reports that a questionnaire has been developed by the health authority (IASAÚDE) in the archipelago and distributed by the Regional Directorate of Tourism of Madeira. This must be completed by guests entering hotel units in Madeira, and is the ............ more

Chemical castration debated

injection illustrating chemical castration

Portuguese Assembly to discuss chemical castration?

SIC Noticias report that chemical castration for paedophiles is scheduled to be discussed in Parliament today, despite the fact that all parties considered the Chega party proposal, led by deputy André Ventura, to be unconstitutional.

The bill was submitted to the Assembly of the Republic on ............ more

Albuquerque highlights investment in Ribeira Brava

President Albuquerque visiting Ribeira Brava yesterday

President praises the role of the Agricultural Cooperative

The Diario reports that the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, yesterday highlighted, during the opening of a store of the Cooperativa Agrícola do Funchal in Ribeira Brava, all the work of that cooperative in a difficult time in the history of the island of Madeira.

“This ............ more

Coronavirus contingency plan. Cancellations start

Madeira “is prepared” for coronavirus cases

JM’s website reports that Madeira’s contingency plan for the Covid-19 coronavirus, according to the Health Secretary today, provides “some security” and highlights that the region is “prepared” to face positive cases, stressing that no suspicious situation has yet ............ more

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