São Vicente chapel reopened

Chapel of Calhau restored

The Diario reports that Regional Secretary for Social Inclusion and Citizenship, Augusta Aguiar, representing the President of the Regional Government, yesterday afternoon attended the inauguration and re-opening ceremony of the Chapel of Calhau, in São Vicente. The work, financed by the municipality, had a budget of €60 thousand euros.

In the presence of the Bishop of Funchal, D. Nuno Brás, the secretary made a point of stating that “one of the strategic guidelines of this Regional Government, in the area of ​​culture, is to promote the appreciation and contribute to the restoration of material and immaterial cultural heritage”.

The minister took the opportunity to thank the tireless work of the Municipality of São Vicente and the Private Institutions of Social Solidarity of the municipality that, daily, work for the local population

JM reported in more detail, noting that yesterday was the day of the patron saint of the municipality of São Vicente, therefore it was the date chosen to inaugurate the renovation work of the Chapel of São Vicente, better known as Capelinha do Calhau, “the ex-libris of the municipality”, underlined the Mayor (the Latin expression means “bookplate”, so I suppose it sort of translates!). Speaking at the opening, José António Garcês underlined that this is “a small work that, for us Vincentians, says a lot. It says a lot because this small chapel is the ex-libris of the municipality of São Vicente”, he stressed.

The work involved both the interior and exterior of the chapel. The mayor added that the authority will continue to make investments in order to recover the built heritage of the municipality, and that, although this Chapel belongs to the Parish, “investments like this are for the entire population of the municipality of São Vicente”.

On behalf of the Regional Government, Secretary Augusta Aguiar assured the assembled that “the population of the municipality of São Vicente can continue to count on the support of the Regional Government in this and other areas, namely in the maintenance of health and education infrastructures, in the maintenance of roads and the safety conditions of the populations, in social support, through the various local institutions and always in conjunction with the city council ”.

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