Roadworks in central Funchal

Major artery to see restrictions in city centre

Roadworks in central Funchal 1JM reports that the Funchal City Council have announced in a statement sent to newsrooms, that from next Monday, January 13, and for a period of about 6 months, until July 2020, it will be necessary to condition the circulation “Rua 5 de Outubro” (the down direction in the photo) and Rua 31 de Janeiro (up), through the suppression of the roads adjacent to Ribeira de Santa Luzia, on the stretch between Ponte do Bettencourt and Ponte D. Manuel I, due to the “reconstruction and regularization” of the riverbed. The work is under the responsibility of the Regional Government.

A busy road at the best of times, so maybe best avoided until July!

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  1. Quite a few bus routes will have to be re-routed. We are looking at coming back for the Atlantic Festival in June but the works shouldn’t have much impact on us.


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