Regional Budget approved

2020 budget approved in principal

Pedro Calado being interviewed about the Regional BudgetBoth RTP and FN reported yesterday that the Regional Budget for 2020 has been approved in general by the votes of PSD and CDS majority coalition. The entire opposition voted against. The Investment Plan was also approved, with some smaller opposition parties voting against and some in favour. The day saw heated debates but with very little new.

The discussion oscillated about the social and beneficial character of the Budget, defended, on the one hand, by PSD and CDS, or, on the contrary, the opinion of the entire opposition. The polarization made the discussion, according to FN, singularly boring, and the scene of lengthy episodes of mutual accusations of greater or lesser competence to direct the destinies of the Region. The exchange culminated in Miguel Albuquerque accusing PS member and former Mayor of Funchal, Paulo Cafôfo, of not having a leader ‘s cover, much less to assert himself as a government alternative.

The most relevant fact was the PS’s declaration of intent to collaborate in the revision of the Regional Finance law, something that the PSD has insistently claimed as necessary and which has cost the Region a lot of money. For its part, the centrist CDS coalition continued to claim that this is the best budget of recent years, while the opposition considers it the reverse, and even accuses the document of betraying from Madeira. Predictable.

Vice President Pedro Calado is pictured being interviewed by RTP Madeira.

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