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link to websiteVery little news this morning, and rather than blogging about road closures and other such riveting stories, it is a lot easier to send readers of this blog to, a totally automated website that runs alongside this one. This continually trawls the internet for any news stories relating to the island, takes a snippet, and publishes them immediately they are found.

Click on any snippet and the full story appears, translated into fully comprehensible English.

The service captured twenty different stories yesterday (three of them about road closures!). Being fully automated it makes no pretence of being a blog.

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  1. I believe CMF are going to bring in a tourist tax of 2€ per day up to a max of 14€ per stay. I haven’t been able to find out when it is going to start. At this stage it looks like it doesn’t apply to AL properties.

    Santa Cruz has had a scheme in place for some time now so this shouldn’t be a surprise.


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