Face masks recommended …

… for flu-like symptoms

Face masks recommended ... 1The Diario reports that the Regional Government of Madeira has recommended the use of face masks when people display “flu-like” symptoms.

A department of the Regional Secretariat for Education, under the jurisdiction of the Regional Government, issued an internal report recommending the use of a face mask to anyone who shows flu-like symptoms. The circular, which the newspaper had access to, was issued on Wednesday, taking into account the “spread of various strains of influenza, increasingly resistant, and with a view to protecting all the elements that make up [our] teams”.

This information was made available to the teaching and non-teaching staff of that educational establishment in Funchal.

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  1. Interesting article in The Times today suggesting that masks are a waste of time. They cannot seal completely and they have breathing holes of about 3 microns while viruses are about 1 micron. However the upside is they do stop you touching your mouth and nose.


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