City accused of “harmful management”

Centre party blames Socialists for Frente MarFunchal

Blog healine earlier reporting the demise of the seafront management companyJM follows up on the news of the demise of the seafront management company Frente MarFunchal, posted earlier today.

CDS Party President Gonçalo Pimenta reacted this Wednesday to the announced closure of the Frente MarFunchal. Speaking on local radio, he says the situation is not surprising, as his party had already warned of the company’s financial situation. “This is not a surprise for CDS”, says the politician, “CDS has always pointed out that this company did not have equity, it did not have positive net results.”

He also regrets that the mayor did not agree with the audits proposed in the Municipal Assembly and says that the situation is the result of harmful management by the Socialist Party.

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