Fewer fatal air crashes in 2019

Only eight fatal accidents in 2019

Reassuring news for regular fliers: some 86 accidents involving large passenger aircraft were recorded in 2019, according to an analysis released by aviation consultants To70. Of these, eight were fatal, with the loss of 257 lives – a fall of nearly 50 per cent.

In contrast, there were 160 accidents, 13 of which were fatal, resulting in 534 fatalities, in 2018. The figures compare to an historic low in 2017, with only two fatal accidents.

Despite two high-profile accidents this past year, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max and an Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet, and an accident to a Fokker 100 just before the year’s end, fatal accidents to large passenger aircraft remain rare events.

The last accident in Madeira was a flight from Brussels on November 19, 1977;  With an intermediate scheduled stop in Lisbon, the Boeing 727 operating the service overran the airport’s runway before crashing onto Santa Cruz beach and exploding, killing 131 of the 164 people on board. At the time it was TAP’s only fatal accident in its history.

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  1. The two 737max8 crashes were down to the arrogance of Boeing’s managers who knew there were problems with the plane. Without those two crashes the figures would have been outstanding.


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