Face masks recommended …

… for flu-like symptoms

The Diario reports that the Regional Government of Madeira has recommended the use of face masks when people display “flu-like” symptoms.

A department of the Regional Secretariat for Education, under the jurisdiction of the Regional Government, issued an internal report recommending ............  ...read more

Brexit could open doors …

Diario headline that Brexit could open doors

… in a sea of uncertainty

Just hours before the UK leaves officially leaves the EU, the headline in the Diario this morning reads “Brexit could open doors in a sea of uncertainty”.

ACIF, the commercial and industrial association of Funchal, points out the potential economic ............  ...read more

More Portuguese visiting Madeira

Mainland visitors up 11%

Data released from the Regional Statistics Institute, reported on the Diario website today, has revealed that in the 3rd quarter of 2019, Portuguese residents made 8.7 million trips to the archipelago, which corresponded to an increase of 11.0%. National travel accounted for 87.7% of trips (7.6 ............  ...read more

Concrete sales up …

funchal, madeira, portugal – 13 march 2019: People walking and sunbathing on the geometric concrete area of the park next to the marina in funchal madeira

… for the 5th consecutive year

“The quantity of cement sold in the autonomous Region reached its peak in the last 5 years” and, at the same time, represents the fifth consecutive year of increases in the commercialization of this raw material for construction after consecutive annual breaks since the maximum in 2004.

“According ............  ...read more

Continente profits rise

Continente supermarket in Sao Martinho, Funchal

Group sales up 9%

The mainland edition of the Diario reports that Sonae MC, owner of Continente, achieved €4,702 million in sales in 2019, an increase of 9.2% in the global and 3.0% in the comparable universe of stores compared to 2018, was released today.

According to a statement sent to the Securities Market ............  ...read more

Transcontinental drug trafficking

82 sports bags used for trafficking

Police intercept sailboat with 1,820 kilos of cocaine

Thanks to Peter for a link to this story: The Portugal News reports that the Portuguese Police have intercepted a sailboat containing 1,820 kilos of cocaine as part of a complex operation to combat transcontinental drug trafficking by sea.

Operation Gloria, which took place ............  ...read more

Madeira activates coronavirus procedures

SRS 24 line, linked to Civil Protection

FN report that the Madeiran authorities have already activated the SRS 24 line, linked to Civil Protection, with a view to preventing possible situations related to the coronavirus that has the contagion centre in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Health authorities remain vigilant – the cover ............  ...read more

Electric bikes pushed

Photo of electric bike

Association calls for more incentives

The automated news collection/translation website madeiraisland.news has picked up on a story featuring electric bikes on the island (or rather the lack of them). The Association for Urban Mobility in Bicycles (MUBi) has questioned why there is a lack of ............  ...read more

City accused of “harmful management”

Blog healine earlier reporting the demise of the seafront management company

Centre party blames Socialists for Frente MarFunchal

JM follows up on the news of the demise of the seafront management company Frente MarFunchal, posted earlier today.

CDS Party President Gonçalo Pimenta reacted this Wednesday to the announced closure of the Frente MarFunchal. Speaking on local radio, he says the situation is not surprising, as ............  ...read more

“Bolt” arrives in Madeira

photo of Bolt app running on a mobile

Ride-hailing app launched in the archipelago

In a press release this morning, Bolt, which claims to be “the main European ride-hailing platform”, has announced that it is expanding its area of ​​activity outside mainland Portugal, with its arrival in Madeira, “where it already has drivers ready to accept the first trips”.

“Expanding ............  ...read more

Madeiran MPs make demands

The Assembly of the Republic where local MPs have proposeed amendments

Amendments to State Budget proposed by local MPs

JM reports that PSD/Madeira deputies elected to the Assembly of the Republic have presented 50 amendments to the State Budget for 2020, proposals that focus on matters that are extremely important for the Region, namely in the areas of mobility, health, housing and justice, but also with regard ............  ...read more

Ponta do Sol protest planned

photo of the last ponta do sol protest against aquaculture cages

Aquaculture cages protest planned for Sunday

JM reports that another demonstration is planned against the placement of aquaculture cages at Ponta do Sol. It has been organised by the AZIA Platform scheduled for 16:00 pm next Sunday, February 2nd.

This AZIA action group formed following protest opposing the implantation of aquaculture cages ............  ...read more

Azores earthquakes take on new dimensions

Map with position of latest earthquake in the Azores

Magnitude 4.5 earthquake felt on the islands of Terceira and São Miguel

Thanks to Peter for a link to a local report that a 4.5 magnitude earthquake was felt yesterday morning on the islands of Terceira and São Miguel, according to the Civil Protection Unit of the Azores. The earthquakes have now spread over a much wider area than the cluster that was originally ............  ...read more

Panelo, in Chão da Ribeira

Panelo being prepared in Seixal

Traditional Panelo celebrated in Seixal – video

The local press reports on the traditional Panelo, in Chão da Ribeira, in the parish of Seixal, being as lively as usual yesterday afternoon. A report on last years event here illustrates that it remained popular even in poor weather.

The pancakes and stew started to be emptied in the early afternoon, ............  ...read more

Portugal’s first suspected case of coronavirus

Patient returning from China is being evaluated in Lisbon

Thanks to Peter for sending in a link to the publico.pt website, which reports that the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health has issued a statement saying that a patient returning from China is being evaluated. He is a man, residing for many years in Portugal, and is in respiratory isolation ............  ...read more

Condor future secured

Polish company Lot has bought Condor airlines

Polish company LOT buys Condor airline

A bit of good news for the Madeiran tourist industry for a change, with Jaime sending in a link to a positive development affecting one of the biggest companies operating charter flights to the island.

The Polish company LOT has bought Condor, emerging successfully from the list of possible buyers ............  ...read more

Madeiran coach in China quandry

Madeiran coach condiders delaying return to China

Football coach considers postponing return to China

JM report on Paulo Sérgio Freitas, a native of Câmara de Lobos, has been in China for about seven years. He took advantage of the annual holidays there to come and visit his homeland. When he arrived on the island, nobody had heard of coronavirus. Now, with the trip scheduled for the 9th of ............  ...read more

Carnival: tent wars avoided

Carnival 2020 poster

Public spaces agreed well in advance

In order to avoid any of the confusion that arose over permissions to use public spaces at Christmas, JM report that Funchal City Council has just issued a new document stating that it had “authorized the request of the Regional Government” to provide public spaces for this year’s ............  ...read more

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