Brexit celebration in Funchal …

… a somewhat muted affair!

Brexit celebration in FunchalThe Diario reports that the  ‘Brexit’ celebration in Madeira was not very effusive, but there was a group of four Britons who, this afternoon, in … Read more

Face masks recommended …

… for flu-like symptoms

Face masks recommended ... 1The Diario reports that the Regional Government of Madeira has recommended the use of face masks when people display “flu-like” symptoms.

A department of the Regional … Read more

More Portuguese visiting Madeira

Mainland visitors up 11%

More Portuguese visiting Madeira 3Data released from the Regional Statistics Institute, reported on the Diario website today, has revealed that in the 3rd quarter of 2019, Portuguese residents made 8.7 … Read more

Madeiran MPs make demands

Amendments to State Budget proposed by local MPs

The Assembly of the Republic where local MPs have proposeed amendmentsJM reports that PSD/Madeira deputies elected to the Assembly of the Republic have presented 50 amendments to the State Budget for 2020, … Read more

Ponta do Sol protest planned

Aquaculture cages protest planned for Sunday

photo of the last ponta do sol protest against aquaculture cagesJM reports that another demonstration is planned against the placement of aquaculture cages at Ponta do Sol. It has been organised by the AZIA … Read more

Panelo, in Chão da Ribeira

Traditional Panelo celebrated in Seixal – video

Panelo being prepared in SeixalThe local press reports on the traditional Panelo, in Chão da Ribeira, in the parish of Seixal, being as lively as usual yesterday … Read more

Condor future secured

Polish company LOT buys Condor airline

Polish company Lot has bought Condor airlinesA bit of good news for the Madeiran tourist industry for a change, with Jaime sending in a link to a positive development affecting … Read more

Madeiran coach in China quandry

Football coach considers postponing return to China

Madeiran coach condiders delaying return to ChinaJM report on Paulo Sérgio Freitas, a native of Câmara de Lobos, has been in China for about seven years. He took advantage … Read more

Carnival: tent wars avoided

Public spaces agreed well in advance

Carnival 2020 posterIn order to avoid any of the confusion that arose over permissions to use public spaces at Christmas, JM report that Funchal City Council … Read more

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