Warning of strong sea unrest …

… as poor weather approaches

Warning of strong sea unrest ... 1JM reports that the Captain of the Port of Funchal has issued a warning of strong sea unrest.

“It is reported to have received from the Portuguese Weather Institute the general situation of the weather (wind and sea) to the seafront until 6:00 pm 15 of December, referring to the Madeira Archipelago”, informs a note sent to the media, recommending that“ the owners or shipowners of the vessels take the necessary precautions so that they remain in the ports of shelter”.

According to the forecast, the wind will blow weak to gentle from the north, turning southwest from dawn and increasing to cool to very cool from the afternoon. Visibility will be good to moderate, becoming weak in the end. As for the swell, on the north coast the waves will be northwest from two to three metres, then increasing to three to four metres. On the south coast, the waves will be southwest of one metre, increasing to up to two metres.

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