Series of fires on the island

Hot weather to continue

Series of fires on the island 1As the year draws to a close the prevalent news stories seem to concern series of minor fires that have been breaking out in different locations on the island. For more details of smaller news stories, have a look at the automated news feed/auto-translate website

The photo opposite is of a fire reported in the Diario that caused consternation locally in an inaccessible area in Ponta do Sol at 6:00 pm last night.

Meanwhile, in Caniço, a fire broke out in a warehouse containing gas bottles last night which was quickly controlled by Santa Cruz firefighters with eight volunteers.

Series of fires on the island 3Another fire consumed a house in Arco da Calheta (photo), with Calheta Volunteer Firefighters are on site fighting the flames. The Judicial Police were called to the scene after the perpetrator of an illegal burning was identified.

Finally, the Diario reports that São Vicente and Porto Moniz Volunteer Firefighters were fighting a fire that broke out in Lamaceiros, Porto Moniz yesterday morning. The flames are being extinguished by six members of this corporation, supported by two heavy fire-fighting vehicles.

Hot weather to continue

A yellow warning from the Portuguese Weather Institute for warm weather on the south coast of Madeira island came into effect at noon yesterday and continues until 21:00 today.

The authorities warn of the “persistence of high maximum temperature values”, which may exceed 25 degrees.

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  1. The difference is that (I believe) the Australian fires are naturally caused whereas the one currently devastating the hillside above Madelena do Mar was started by an idiot . We watched it begin as a tiny bonfire and overnight it has claimed half the valley. It starts in exactly the same place every time we have these fires. This destruction is either stupidity or malicious! I have photos and a video, I wish I could upload them here 🤔


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