Porto Santo ferry last trip …

… before annual maintenance lasting five weeks

Porto Santo ferryThrough their Facebook page, Porto Santo Line (PSL) has announced that the Lobo Marinho’s last trip will take place on Monday, January 6th, before the usual annual maintenance shutdown, which the company estimates will take five weeks this year. The last voyage of the Porto Santo ferry will leave Funchal at 8:00 am and return from Porto Santo at 11:30 am on the 6th (tickets still available for purchase on all the usual PSL sales channels). Once all passengers have disembarked, the ship will then immediately proceed to the docks at Caniçal.

Passenger air subsidy

PSL highlights the fact that “although not contractually obliged to do so, during the Lobo Marinho vessel’s period of absence”, it will ensure air transport each day (except Tuesdays) for a total of 100 Porto Santo residents per day (50 each way). Passengers residing in Porto Santo, will have to pay PSL “the resident price shown in the table for this period (€29.16 for adults) and PSL will assume the differential of this cost to the amount that Binter charge for airfare”. “This year, tickets for air travel will start to sell sooner than usual, as they will be available at the PSL counter in Porto Santo from January 2″.

Freight transport to Porto Santo guaranteed

Funchalense 5 container shipIn addition, PSL has announced as usual that they will “ensure freight transport between the two islands and, as in previous years, will fulfil contractual requirements through the weekly container stopover (N/M Funchalense 5, pictured) between Madeira and Porto Santo, usually on Tuesday”.

“Although not contractually obliged to do so, PSL will ensure a second weekly connection of a container ship to the island of Porto Santo at the end of the week, which is only possible because the Sousa Group has recently acquired the vessel “Rebecca S” and have assigned it to the Madeira line because. This ship has 2 cranes, thus enabling it to use the dock in Porto Santo. Given the high capacity of these two container carriers with these two weekly stopovers, it is possible to transport any quantity and type of goods, with no limitation on fresh, perishable or dry produce on both weekly journeys”.

Porto Santo ferry photographed on the Golden Isle





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