North coast of Madeira promoted

Mixed holiday packages combining North and South coasts

North coast of Madeira promoted 1The Diario reports that the President of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, José Manuel Rodrigues, speaking in the parish of Ilha in Dantana yesterday, defended the creation of a program to halt depopulation and promote the development of the north coast of Madeira. The proposal was presented at the close of the ’25th anniversary of the Cultural Week of the Island’.

Rodrigues’s idea for a “strong North” involves the implementation of a program for territorial cohesion in the Region that “affirms the North as positive”, in what should be a joint project of several entities – State, Regional Government, City Councils, local development associations, business associations, social welfare institutions, schools, parishes, people’s houses – and in a “mission of enhancing their resources associated with the environment, agriculture and tourism”.

He pointed out that in projects with EU funds, the Regional Government will increase by 15% the investments made by the companies of Porto Moniz, S. Vicente and Santana, the support will be greater for the creation of employment by less densely populated areas and the IRC will fall to 12%. José Manuel Rodrigues also encouraged the municipality and the Government to launch measures to support the return of young immigrants to their origins, giving them conditions to build their homes, have jobs and make their living here.

Thew President also spoke of the need to encourage the creation of mixed holiday packages in the South and North for the emergence of new ones. He promotes grotourism units “because here is the lever for the recovery of agriculture and the disposal of many productions, also through the restoration and enhancement of local gastronomy ”.

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