Nine cruise ships already in Funchal

Passengers enjoy perfect weather

The Diario reports that 9 out of the 13 cruise ships expected today in Funchal for New Year’s Eve are already in Funchal bay – a city full of tourists enjoying magnificent weather. They have published the video below.

Thanks again to Jaime for the photo below of the Queen Vic arriving this morning.

Nine cruise ships already in Funchal 1




10 thoughts on “Nine cruise ships already in Funchal”

  1. I counted 10 at 3.30pm Yet to arrive:-
    Balmoral at 4pm
    AidaCara at 8pm
    Amera at 9.30pm bring total to 13.

    The Black Watch was rumoured to be stopping by on her way to Lisbon but is still moored in Tenerife.

  2. Quite a bit of server outage today due to the high level of interest. Just too many people on the site at the same time – crashes everything. Apologies – hopefully there will be a solution in 2020

  3. Yes it was 10 this morning everyone forgetting the tiny Ocean Majesty which was on the Cais Norte but is now squeezed in between the Queen Vic and the Lobo Marinho.
    Not an easy day for the tenders running back and forth choppy seas necessitating the ships to use their engines and thrusters to swing to give the boats shelter each time they come alongside but the wind easing now and a pleasant night ahead.

    Marie V there will be a “ shuffle around “ starting this evening with those in port going into the bay and those at anchor coming in tomorrow. A busy night ahead for ships crews and Harbour Pilots no revelry for them


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