New Year’s Eve weather

Weather forecasts look good

Jet stream indicates good New Year's Eve weather in FunchalNew Year’s Eve weather

Resident weather expert Jaime has risked his 100% record and predicts near-perfect weather for the New Year’s celebrations in Funchal – fine, dry and a light Northerly breeze to clear the smoke from the firework display out to sea. In fact, the Jet Stream forecast has predicted the same for the last 9 days!

The weather for much of central and southern Europe also looks good for the New Year, with stable conditions for the next few days. I am sure Jaime will update here if anything changes.

The BBC are predicting only a one per cent chance of rain, and possibly some light cloud on New Year’s Eve, and it is worth noting that the forecast for the interim period looks very pleasant! The Portuguese Weather Institute (bottom) concurs with the BBC.

BBC forecast good New Year's Eve weather in Funchal

Portuguese Weather Institute indicates good New Year's Eve weather in Funchal Portuguese Weather Institute indicates good New Year's Day weather in Funchal


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve weather”

  1. The weather has been excellent in Funchal for a few days now, and from what I have heard this has been the same across most of the island. Let’s hope it continues.

  2. After spending what must have been one of the “soggiest” weeks of the year pre- Christmas , I was beginning to question that 100% record lol but at least it was warm rain in contrast to the UK and it didn’t spoil the enjoyment of the Xmas lights.

    As Admin’s graphics show the medium and short term forecasts are painting a very pleasant picture adding to the broad technicolour brush stokes of the Jetstream forecast, which has been very accurate in the long term of late.

    After having the Azores and Madeiran archipelagos, and in particular mainland Portugal “under the cosh” before Christmas the 16 day ‘look ahead’ shows the Jetstream retreating to it’s normal Northerly latitudes so, with a bit of luck, this very pleasant spell of warm sunny weather will continue for the next fortnight or so and persuade would be visitors to take advantage of some post festive bargain holidays and air fares.


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