Madeira among “Best Christmas Destinations”

European Best Destinations 2019

Madeira among "Best Christmas Destinations" 1The clearly commercial website (they have lists for everything!) recognises Madeira as one of its “Best Christmas holiday destinations in Europe”. Not quite sure how much of a distinction this is, as they appear to have over a hundred! Their description reads:

Madeira, a Portuguese island, celebrates to the fullest the arrival of Christmas season, with a traditional Christmas market, held in Avenida Arriaga central walkways, at the heart of its main capital – Funchal. Discover the variety of products in display, exotic flowers and other traditional souvenirs, while experiencing and tasting some of the typical delicacies and drinks of this season, while enjoying the merriment and a very welcoming ambience. Partake in the glee of this season festivities, enjoy the daily activities and entertainment shows, such as Christmas Carols and performances by folklore groups.

Madeira among "Best Christmas Destinations" 3

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