Lidos open in “summer” weather …

… but two closed for installation of fireworks

New lidoThe Diario reports that the bathing complexes managed by  Frente MarFunchal are now in normal operation, except for Barreirinha and Lido Poente, which are closed due to the installation of fireworks for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve.

The summer weather in the middle of winter dictates the opening of the complex’s doors on Monday 30 December.

The Municipal Company also informs through its Facebook page that tomorrow, the last day of the year, the complexes will be open until 1:00 pm, remembering that on Wednesday, January 1, 2020, will take place the “Madeira Plunge” charity fund-raiser First Dive of the Year, at Ponta Gorda Lido in Ajuda.

On January 2, the bathing complexes will be fully operational, except Barreirinha and Lido Poente, which reopen to the public only on Friday, the 3rd.

Replication is an even more sincere form of flattery


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