Bad weather forecast later this week

Weather set to change for the worse?

Bad weather possible in Madeira as Jet Stream strengthensResident expert Jaime yesterday flagged up potential bad weather later this week, reporting that if the theory is correct, the Jet Stream might bring wind and/or rain to Madeira midweek. The netweather graphic opposite is for late Wednesday, and it does not improve significantly over the following days.

At the moment the BBC weather website only shows a 14% chance of rain on Thursday, and the Portuguese Weather Institute is not predicting anything too windy! However, the situation may change and will be updated here. Anxious not to spread any false alarm just to get website visitor numbers up …… and keep potential tourist numbers down!

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  1. Madeira weather does have a habit of confounding the forecasters and as Admin says Friday is still a good way off in forecasting terms but at present both and are both suggesting that the wind will increase Wednesday evening and throughout Thursday blowing from the unfavourable direction of the North accompanied by showers.

    The good news is that Friday is an improving situation with all computer models showing the wind decreasing from mid morning onwards and possibly the direction changing to a more favourable NE’ly, which is more ‘in line’ with the runway.

    Fingers crossed for all travelling on Friday !


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