Airport set to return to normal …

… but not in the clear just yet

Airport set to return to normal ... 1RTP Madeira report that the airport remained closed throughout yesterday due to the predicted high winds and no aircraft took off or landed, with a scheduled total of 26 departures and an equal number of arrivals cancelled. Five planes attempted to land unsuccessfully and diverted to the Canary Islands and Porto Santo. An airport source told press agency Lusa “the forecasts still point to some wind this morning [Friday], but in the afternoon it should be better”. However, as the graphic opposite (6:00 am this morning) from netweather shows, the Jet Stream is still set to influence the weather locally today. The first flights are scheduled to arrive at 7:55 and 8:20 this morning. The first of these is easyJet from Porto, which according to flightradar appears to have landed successfully (the second, a TAP flight also from Porto, landed on time).

A TAP source said on Friday that it would be carrying out two extra flights on Airbus A330, more capable planes, to carry the “largest possible number of passengers” that were held up due to bad weather”. The first flight leaves Lisbon for Funchal at 13:45 and the second at 19:00. In the opposite direction, Funchal-Lisbon, the first flight is scheduled for 16:15 and the second for 21:30.

The Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA) issued an orange warning on Wednesday to the Madeira archipelago, until 21:00 yesterday. IPMA data show that the strongest gust felt yesterday was 150 kilometres per hour (km/h), recorded by a station in Chão do Areeiro, in the mountainous areas. At the airport, the strongest gust was 109 km / h, recorded at 10:10, also according to IPMA data.

The bad weather has also impacted on sea conditions and the Funchal Port Captain has issued a warning of strong sea unrest until 18:00 today, advising vessels to remain in their ports of shelter. Porto Santo Line cancelled yesterday’s voyages of the “Lobo Marinho” ferry to Porto Santo, due to bad weather at sea, with tickets being automatically changed to Friday, departing from Funchal. at 08:00 and return at 14:00.

The Institute for Forests and Nature Conservation has issued a warning not to go hiking in the archipelago while the warning lasts. The Regional Civil Protection Service has recommended that people close their doors and windows, avoid travelling in areas affected by the weather warning, do not move around areas with degraded buildings and pay attention to mounted structures (scaffolding, awnings, tents, roofs).

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  1. Good to see everything returning to normal today after yesterday’s dismal news – 36 flights cancelled, Plan B scuppered due to the cancelled sailing of the Lobo Marinho and the first total turnaround of the Mein Schiff Herz thwarted – let’s hope for better things in future weeks for this as it could produce a welcome boost for the tourist industry and perhaps the UK arm of TUI could follow suit.

    I hope others agree with me that keeping us updated, on days like yesterday, doesn’t constitute “bad publicity” for the Island’s tourist industry after all, the Posts are almost all credited with coming from local media sources ( print and internet ) which are available to Locals and all alike.
    I think as Pete says we’ve just got to be patient “grin and bear it” frustrating as it is – at least Madeira weather doesn’t bear any malice by continuing for days on end like in the UK !! – as well we know.

    At the moment the run up to Christmas isn’t looking too bad for those heading towards the Island. In the short / medium term Monday is set fair and the ‘ conveyor belt ‘ of bad weather, the Jet Stream, snaps in two over Madeira next Thursday so Friday the 13th is now looking okay too ( phew!!)

    Looking further ahead the Netweather 16 day Jetstream forecast for the following week 16 – 20 December isn’t threatening Madeira – but it is a “volatile beast” so no degree of certainty this far ahead but as always “fingers crossed”


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