12 flights already cancelled

Forecast weather arrives early

12 flights already cancelled 1As this blog has previously stated, it will seek not to dramatise any problems affecting Madeira airport by publishing an endless series of headlines detailing one cancellation after another as windy weather sets in. This is unnecessary bad publicity for the island at a time when it really doesn’t need any more. The outlook for tourism here in 2020 is already bleak enough for a number of reasons already detailed in previous posts.

However, readers in general and travellers in particular, need an up-to-date picture of the latest situation, which at the moment reads, according to the Diario website, that 12 flights have already been cancelled or diverted yesterday and today. Overnight there has been heavy rain steadily falling in Funchal, and with the wind forecast for today, the picture is unlikely to improve.

The latest confirmed update to JM reports a flight operated by Condor Flugdienst for tomorrow at 11:05 am from Frankfurt, which will no longer take place. Yesterday, the strong wind caused an easyJet flight from Berlin to Porto Santo to divert, with passengers having to return by boat to Madeira, thereby illustrating that the “Plan B” solution to the airport problem advocated here does work – Porto Santo airport is rarely closed and needs extra capacity and facilities.

Orange warning as gust reaches 108 km/hr

TAP has predictably cancelled a number of flights as they plan ahead, and a gust on 108 km/hr at the airport last night caused an easyJet flight to return to Lisbon. Tourists have been warned by the authorities that the weather today is not suitable for hiking. The yellow weather warning has been upgraded to orange.

6 thoughts on “12 flights already cancelled”

  1. Mass strikes in France are affecting flights all across Europe. So many flights to/from Madeira cross some part of France so this will add to the problem.

    Let’s hope it gets sorted soon!

  2. World needs to learn from the past. Traveling in the old days they was used to canceling flights, due to weather Snow. Fog, if you can remember it Smog, and Ice and Rain. With World climate changing as well. Better made plans helps, including NHS medicine is more then enough for the holiday. Bring books and things to do helps. Checking your phone well topped up. Please when dealing with tour operators be well mannered they have a job to do. Last thing you need staff to leave due to stress. End of the day stress spoils holidays flying there or coming back to your home. By taking things more in your stride you doing yourself a favor. Climate change is not going away.

  3. How about tour holiday company’s giving information for the tourists. How to deal with climate change while on holiday. A check list with advice and what to do. This makes everyone happier including holiday company,s with less stress

  4. Please keep us up to date as we are flying out on Saturday with BA for 5 weeks and we were caught up last time and were taken back to Gatwick so fingers crossed. No news from ba as yet.

  5. Betty C and others,

    The forecasts are a little divided in their opinions but tomorrow is an improving situation. The winds will decrease overnight but may still be of sufficient strength in the morning to make landing conditions “marginal”. The afternoon and evening shows a further decrease and hopefully ” within limits ” especially if the wind veers to the Northeast.

    Obviously it will be a busy day for air traffic control at FNC and delays cannot be ruled out but certainly later in day things should return to normal

  6. I can’t help but remark that framing the weather as ‘publicity’ (good or bad) is wrong. The weather is the weather and often is in the news, sometimes catastrophic indeed. The weather and its consequences is important information that can not be withheld because it is “bad publicity”.
    The drop in Madeira’s tourism indicators has numerous causes one of which is corrupt, incompetent leadership and a lack of true care for, and vision for the island’s longterm future. It’s all about some people getting super rich in the short term. The Novo Savoy is a case in point. This crime against Funchal and Madeira was supposed to have 1000 rooms!!! and two more floors!!!, while the tourism indicators are all down. It is completely mindless and very sad.


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