Road closure in Madalena do Mar

Closure to last two months

Road closure in Madalena do Mar 1From tomorrow, 12 November, for a period of approximately 60 days, the Torreão Municipal Road, in the parish of Madalena do Mar will be closed to all car traffic, according to an announcement from the Ponta do Sol municipal authorities. This is the road in the forefront of the photo opposite linking the western end of the seafront to the original tunnel heading towards Calheta. This will mean that anybody heading west from the village will first have to head east before doubling-back into the new tunnel.

The reason for the closure is the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge over the small ribeira, within the scope of the work improving that end of  Madalena do Mar, with the transit being made on other roads.

The new Via Expresso tunnel becomes an alternative for vehicles wishing to access that area, and pedestrians should use the metal bridge upstream of the restaurant ‘A Poita’.

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