Rainfall creates a stir

Ribeira do Vigário shows evidence of heavy rainfall

Rainfall creates a stir 1The rain that has been correctly predicted here for some time duly arrived yesterday morning – very heavy in some areas. It caused a very strong flow in Ribeira do Vigário, on the edge of Câmara de Lobos, as witnessed by the discolouration of the sea between Câmara de Lobos and Praia Formosa (Ribeira do Vigário is the river that flows below the western end of the concrete walkway that links the two).

A German tourist staying at what looks like the Orca Praia published the video below of the rainfall and heavy seas in the area:


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  1. Curious so I checked the Orca Praia. I would say that it’s certain to be the Orca Praia – balcony way up and shape of pool area far below plus nearby sea area and rocks.

    For non German speakers, the poster has an Eastern Germany accent unless I am very much mistaken. (Irrelevant these days ….)


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