Ponta do Sol ignored by Funchal

Municipality has lowest purchasing power in Portugal

Ponta do Sol ignored by Funchal 1The mayor of Ponta do Sol, Célia Pessegueiro, has already responded to the fact that the National Institute of Statistics (INE) published that in 2017 the locality was the municipality with the lowest purchasing power of any in Portugal. The socialist mayor says that it is “an inheritance from previous years that we have to reverse, a need we feel with a large group of the population and that we try to supply every day with various social supports and measures that reach the whole population, regardless of their economic situation ”. But Célia Pessegueiro finds other explanations to counter the data pointed out by INE with clear messages to the regional government: “As long as we are a municipality that receives public investment dictated by the moods of Funchal, we will continue to be the last on the list”.

The Mayor has long complained about the lack of attention that the Miguel Albuquerque Executive  has paid to  the municipality: “As long as Ponta do Sol remains just a supplier of water, stone, sand, wood, energy, without receiving anything in return (save half a dozen jobs) we will continue to be the county with the lowest purchasing power in the region and the country”.

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