Pet registration not that cheap!

Vets warn that registration will inevitably exceed €2.50

Pet registration not that cheap! report that vets are warning that the price for registering dogs, cats and ferrets is not for €2.50 as previously reported on the blog and picked up by other media outlets in early October. In addition to the registration fee for the new database there is the cost of fitting a microchip to the pet and, as a rule, a charge for the consultation to assess the animal’s health – so the total ends up being considerably higher.

Just days after the new, compulsory, Portuguese Pet Information System (SIAC) – which obliges dog, cat or ferret owners to register their pets – has entered into force, the Order of Veterinarians warns that the total cost of registration is not €2.50. The total final almost certainly also include the implantation of the i.d. microchip and the veterinary consultation, whose prices vary from clinic to clinic. Can’t find any prices in Madeira, but a  vet in Lagos on the mainland charges 25.00 for the chip. Their website also points out that annual rabies vaccinations are also a legal requirement in Portugal.

Complaints have begun to reach the Veterinary Order in recent days, as have “many requests for clarification”. “The fee of €2.50, which came out in the decree-law, is a fee that veterinarians have to pay to the database [in which part is for the state] to be able to register animals,” explained Jorge Cid, President of the Order of Veterinary Doctors.

In veterinary clinics, “there was a lot of confusion because people interpreted the decree in a way that is not true”, says Jorge Cid. The price that the pet owner will actually pay to register it will inevitably exceed €2.50, he says. This is because the total cost will usually include this fee – which the vet will pay to access and register the animal with the SIAC – as well as the price of the microchip and its placement, and consultation to check that everything is fine with the animal.

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