More than 7,000 port visitors yesterday

Norwegian Epic has 5,700 on board

FN report that November is a big month in the port of Funchal, with thousands of tourists entering the city and a lot of movement through the streets. “Good for business in its many aspects”.

Yesterday morning the Norwegian Epic arrived in port, where it docked in front of the AIDAcara which has been here since the morning of the 26th, on a 64-hour visit. The photo opposite is actually of the Epic’s sister ship, the Norwegian Star which was in port the previous day, with the AIDAcara in the foreground. The photo below is yesterday with the Epic and AIDAcara.

The Norwegian Epic came from Cadiz with 4,051 passengers and 1,682 crew on board. It left yesterday afternoon for Lanzarote. The AIDAcara left last night at midnight, with 1,078 passengers and 390 crew members.

The Saga Sapphire, from Southampton, was scheduled to arrive last night and is scheduled to leave today at 17:00 for Santa Cruz de La Palma.

3 thoughts on “More than 7,000 port visitors yesterday”

  1. I wonder just how much business cruise passengers actually generate for local shops/bars/restaurants etc? So many pax go off on coach trips around the island making an arranged stop for lunch. You do wonder how much actual cash they get to spend.

    Having done countless cruises ourselves I am aware that if you go on the organised tours you often do not have time to go spending money & when you do it is usually in tourist souvenir shops. Now when we do a cruise we tend to go ashore and visit the town on foot and do use bars & shops.

  2. Listening to the local taxi drivers in recent years, the answer is “not much.” As you say, a guided bus tour, maybe a trip up the cable car…..which is rammed on days when cruise ships are in. Otherwise very little I fear. Although Tobi’s post points out that some ships stay longer than one day, so maybe those tourists do get out and about a bit more.


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