Madeiran vineyard wins international photography competition

Terra Bona Wine project gets deserved publicity

The Diario reports that the Terra Bona Wine Family project, to be found at Quinta do Cardo in Boaventura, won the Best Vintage Photo Contest from the Winerist website/magazine. A photograph of the vineyards in northern Madeira collected the first prize of this competition from the highly respected international magazine. Photos from all the finalists can be found here.

“It is with great joy, so much felt, that we thank each of you for the spectacular support, help and sharing we have received over the past week,” said Maria João, Marco and children, the project’s mentors. Reading their website it looks like an interesting project!

“There are no words, and we never thought it could reach the dimension it saw. Particularly here in Madeira, but without forgetting many friendly people who also gathered in mainland Portugal and England. Thank you very much, really. After all, we won all. A small promotional opportunity out there for at least a year of our project, our North Coast and our Region in the World of Wine Tourism ”, they add.

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