Lisbon to finance 50% of new Funchal hospital

Central Government to co-finance new hospital

Following up on yesterdays post about the planned meeting between the President of Madeira and the central authorities in Lisbon, the Diario reports that Miguel Albuquerque received a commitment from the Prime Minister, António Costa, to co-finance 50% of the construction and equipment of the new hospital in the autonomous region, within the State Budget 2020.

“On the part of the Prime Minister, there is a determined will to resolve some of the issues. One of the issues is the clarification regarding the co-financing of the Funchal Central Hospital” said Albuquerque, in remarks to reporters after a meeting with the Government of the Republic, which took place at the Palacio de Sao Bento in Lisbon.

In addition to Prime Minister António Costa, the meeting was attended by Minister of State and Finance, Mário Centeno, with the objective of preparing the State Budget2020. “It was a cordial meeting, it went very well and we saw on both sides the possibility of reaching an understanding of the set of files that we have pending”, said Albuquerque.

Regional Travel Subsidy discussed

Among the key points discussed at the meeting, the chairman of the regional executive stressed the need to find a solution so that residents in Madeira do not have to continue to advance the “exorbitant” values ​​on mainland connecting flights and vice versa. versa.

“We will quickly set up a working group to move forward with the possibility that residents of Madeira will not have to advance the very high amounts they have to make to travel on national territory”, said the President of the Regional Government, saying that it should be a solution similar to that proposed for students, “where the resident only pays the amount of 86 euros”.


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