Funchal delivers free composters

Another good environmental measure

The Diario reports that Funchal City Council (CMF) has begun to deliver free composters to the municipality’s families who have gardens, following the campaign launched last month. President Miguel Silva Gouveia accompanied the council services in the delivery of the first equipment, along with Vice President Idalina Perestrelo, who is responsible for the Environment in the county.

The municipality has a total of 4000 composters to deliver to families in Funchal over the coming months. All that is required is for interested parties to submit their application, which must be made online, on the CMF official website, at this link (I think this should be a .pt rather than .com?). The basic requirement is to be resident in Funchal, and have a garden.

The composter program is the result of an application by CMF to POSEUR, the Portuguese sustainability initiative. The aim is to “strengthen the treatment of organic waste in the municipality, an important initiative regarding environmental education and the inclusion of the population in a strategy that is central to this executive”, said the President at the end of the European Week of Waste Prevention in Funchal.

The total amount of the investment amounts to around €437,000, being co-financed by 85% by POSEUR. The project accommodates a series of activities that emphasize the environmental work of the Municipality of Funchal, “allowing the dissemination of equipment among the population at no cost, for the purpose of selective disposal of organic waste, in an initiative that draws attention, from the outset, to the proper management of this type of waste, which will be complemented by an informative component on the use of this type of equipment, through which households will be able to provide basic knowledge about the composting process”.

“The delivery of 4000 composters in Funchal will be an important measure to further reduce the production of municipal solid waste in the county, so we encourage all families who have gardens or gardens to apply now” concludes the President.

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